So you want to know more about Smisch?

Well, who wouldn’t! I wish you could tell me 😉

I have always had the feeling that life is too short and that time isn’t enough – If I could I would split myself into two and neglect sleep as much as I could if it wouldn’t be a health issue not to close your eyes for some hours a day.

Anyway – weren’t we gonna talk about music? Well, I’ve been into it since I was really small and listened to all the great artists of the 80’s. But then at around nine, I nagged my mother, who is from a musically family, to teach me some chords on guitar and keyboard – after that I was stuck. That year I wrote two songs that my class sang for our parents last day of school before summer holiday. Unfortunately that was only the beginning of it all…

But I don’t want to bore you with my life – if you’re interested in deep-digging details you are welcome to email me or connect to me on twitter, facebook, youtube or whatever. I would love to chat about anything – and of course – hear everything about who you are and what you’ve been doing all your life 🙂

The short version is – been writing songs for many years – much influenced by international pop music and swedish folk music.

I’ve also been going to music university learning something about the industry, arrangement and music production

But prior to that I met the love of my life – Emma – we have tree wonderful daughters – Emilia, Clara and Julie.

We went crazy in 2017, sold our newly built house, quit our jobs and bought a place at the countryside of Sweden where we managae a restaurant built in 1800’s style and a wax-cabinet showing 1930’s Sweden.

Well, here I am! And now I’m eager to let you hear my music!

These days I don’t care much about genre, I just want the music to come out!

Love, Smisch